Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This magazine is published by Fantagraphics Books.
THE COMICS JOURNAL #216 (left):This issue came out in 1999, it features that wonderful, yet simple cover of a hand with some gems or jewels featuring superhero symbols like Superman's and Batman's. I like the simplicity of the cover to convey the idea of "A Fistful of Interviews" but also notice the level of detail on the hand.

THE COMICS JOURNAL #223 (right): Apparently Alex decided to give this publication his most surreal covers. This time we see a man being fed intravenously with superheroes. This cover was censored in some parts of the United States due to the image of a junkie doing his junkie business, I think they were overreacting a little. This is a really fine cover and it's more psychedelic than what we're used to from Alex. This issue contains part 1 of a very long interview with Alex Ross. For those completists, part 2 appeared in issue #224 which doesn't have a cover by Ross, only the interview.

IN MY COLLECTION: Only issue 223

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