Thursday, December 13, 2007


Due to the erratic schedule this series experienced, the creators decided that they would rather tell the stories in mini-series format, and that's when we got the first of (hopefully) many, called Local Heroes. On the picture you can see the 5 issues (top row) and the hardcover and trade paperback versions of it (bottom row).

The next series came in four-issue volumes or "books". Below are the covers for: The Dark Age: Book One (first row). Book Two (second row), Book Three (third row) and Book Four (fourth row) this last chapter's final issue comes with 2 covers.

Astro City: The Dark Age has been compiled so far into 2 hardcover volumes. The first one (left) contains Book One of the series and the other contains Book 2 (center). Finally came a softcover trade (right) which groups the first two books. This section will be updated as soon as more compilations are available.

Along with the mini-series, a few specials and one-shots were published. Pictured from left: "The Visitor's Guide", which is a clever tourist guide-type book of the fictional city; "Supersonic" a 40-page prelude to The Dark Age: Book One, "The Astro City/Arrowsmith" flipbook (the other side's cover is drawn by Carlos Pacheco) and the "Samaritan Special" which bridges the gap between the first 2 Dark Age series. There's also the "Beautie" one-shot, the two-issue "Astra" special which chronicles the coming of age story of Astra Furst, the little girl from the superhero team "The First Family" whom we met in the original Astro City mini-series and most recently a two-issue special was dedicated to the classic hero "The Silver Agent".

IN MY COLLECTION: I only have the "Local Heroes" mini-series and I'll share my thoughts on it soon. Otherwise I have yet to start on the Dark Age saga so I cannot comment on the plot and characters therein.

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