Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This blog is closing its doors on April 21st, 2015. The reasons why I'm shutting down this site which I have kept for almost 8 years are many and I will detail them below because I feel the need to let everyone know especially the loyal fans of this blog.

#1 LACK OF ACCESS: I do NOT live in the U.S. I cannot go to conventions or do special reports which other sites can.

#2 OFFICIAL COMPETITION: As much as I make the effort to give you the Alex Ross news first. I always fall short of some bigger sites as well as the official Alex Ross Facebook page which has way more followers and likes than yours truly because they have the inside track on the news that I don't.

#3 NO HELP: I've put donation buttons, I have suggested that readers buy from Amazon to help me out yet if I was able to get 10 bucks a year (as a gift certificate from amazon.com) it was a miracle.

Also, I've been promised year after year that I would get the SDCC sketchbook by a source close to this site yet nothing arrived EVER so I had to buy it myself and now, I have no money to buy it anymore (see #4), that's why there were no scans of the 2014 SDCC book on this site.

I appreciate the very few donations I got such as the 3 posters that Lee's Comics sent me and the Flash Gordon books that Titan Books sent me for review.

#4 NO MONEY: Like most countries, mine is going through economical problems up to the point where taxes and restrictions for things you can import including printed materials were invented by the government just so they can get more money into the politicians' pockets.

Thanks to all the fans who helped this site grow over the years. Thanks for the support. Cheers!